Who we are 

With over 10+ years of experience

We are customer driven , Our goal is to analyze and prioritize our customer needs to be able to support them choosing the best coverage for them and their families. Now a days most of this agencies that are around focus on how to benefit themselves financially and forget the consumer needs.

Our commitment its to continue to help the community we grew up in, and teach them the importance of these services.

If you are one of those customer that every time you go to make a payment to your agency they want to rewrite your policy or overcharge to collect payment, don't be fooled, come to Tus Amigos Insurance, and stop paying those extra fees.

Our Team 

Cesar Torres

CEO, Broker and Tax Specialist

Violeta Romero

CFO, Broker and Tax Specialist

Maribel Martinez

CEO, Insurance Agent and Tax Preparer

Alma Rocha

Insurance Agent and Tax Preparer

Karla Chavez